Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heaven's Windows

It's been said before, and I will say it again... it's been a rough start getting back into the swing of things here. After a recent talk with Julie, through the magic world of Skype, I am beginning to regain my hope. Over the past couple of days there has been a theme in conversations all around me. The theme being that of the importance of prayer. I understand the importance, but my practice has been blurred and it's time to get back on track. 
     Today I checked in on a devotional that I casually turn to and it was a good reminder of God's consistency, my inconsistency, and God's determination to win back my heart so that He can give me what He has been storing up. So now it is up to me to prove that I am ready (or getting there). It's my turn to bring my consistency because God is waiting. Patiently waiting for the moment in which Heaven's windows can burst open.
Prove me now (Malachi 3:10).
What is God saying here but this: "My child, I still have windows in Heaven. They are yet in service. The bolts slide as easily as of old. The hinges have not grown rusty. I would rather fling them open, and pour forth, than keep them shut, and hold back. I opened them for Moses, and the sea parted. I opened them for Joshua, and Jordan rolled back. I opened them for Gideon, and hosts fled. I will open them for you--if you will only let Me.
On this side of the windows, Heaven is the same rich storehouse as of old. The fountains and streams still overflow. The treasure rooms are still bursting with gifts. The lack is not on my side. It is on yours. I am waiting. Prove Me now. Fulfill the conditions, on your part. Bring in the tithes. Give Me a chance.

From: Streams in the Desert july 27, 2013