Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Next Thing...

2017 has been quite a year so far. I never expected to be stretched so much, yet also feel like I’m right on track. The twists and turns, the questions, confusion and reshaping of my mind to focus on what is good has been quite a journey. What I know for certain is that God is for me. 

Just a few months ago in my quite time I called out to God and shared with Him my struggles. I told Him that I was frustrated in my waiting and that I was unsure of what was next. He told me “go”. At the time Luminous, my home church in San Antonio, TX, was promoting the Ten Days Missions trip to Baja, MX. And I knew that the “go” meant “go to Baja”. So I attended the informational meeting still unsure about my desire to go, but knew that God was directing me there.

Signing up for the task presented it’s own challenges and even now I’m not sure as to how I will make it there. I have a due date of June 12th to raise $1274 + airfare. The trip is scheduled for June 28th – July 3rd.

If God is for me, then what can stand against me?

I'm extending an invitation for you to play a part in what is God is doing and will be doing for His people. Some will go and some will send. I'll go. Will you consider sending? Would you consider partnering with me, either financially or through prayer, so that as the body of Christ we may reach the nations?

If you'd like to play a part, you can give online by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your help and prayers through the process. My prayer is that God would richly bless the people of Baja, change my life, and expand his Kingdom through this experience. I’m thankful that you too will be a part of the experience.